A Closer Look at Our Linen Trouser

A Closer Look at Our Linen Trouser


For our first new addition to the Natalino collection, we present our trouser in a lighter-weight fabric: an Irish linen of 13 oz from Ulster Weavers, an Irish mill that supplies a number of different fabric merchants. The heavier weight of this linen allows for a better drape, cleaner line and greater resistance to wrinkling, whilst the plain weave provides breathability and solid backdrop of colour. It has also a crisp handle and is cool to the touch, making it an excellent warm weather trouser cloth.

Similar to our first run of trousers, these trousers feature the same classic details, including a rear split waistband, side adjusters, relatively deep single outward pleats, and 5cm turn-ups. We have added genuine horn buttons to the front waistband and rear pockets in subtle hues that complement the colour of the linen for a more refined look.

We continue to cut our trouser with room around the seat and thigh with a gentle taper in order to achieve a clean line through the leg. For our smaller sizes (34” waist and below) we have made the seat and thigh ever so slightly narrower whilst keeping our larger sizes unchanged. We have also reduced the taper on our 32” waist size and above, making the leg opening ever so slightly wider for a more balanced proportion. As well as this, we now offer a long length (34” / 86.4cm inseam) and also include more excess fabric (around 3.5cm) allowing the wearer to lengthen the trouser via their tailor if required. For more detailed measurements, please see the product page size guide.

Our linen trouser is available in 5 classic colours and is available to buy for £145 (including VAT), slightly more than our cotton trouser, reflecting the increased cost of the premium Irish linen.

Please do let us know if you have any questions by commenting below or emailing us at info@natalino.co.



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  • A superb choice of cloth for RTW trousers! — it used to be a prerogative of bespoke to offer trousers made of Irish linen. At least in my experience — at least in classic cut (with generous thighs tapering to bottoms) — at least for a reasonable price.

    I bought two pairs and very happy with my purchase.

    Now how about some other classic cloths not easily available in RTW? — like fresco, whipcord, solaro, English flannel, etc.

    • Andrey Bokhanko
  • Oh, and one more thing — I personally prefer side adjusters to be put on seam, not on waistband. That’s how my bespoke trousers are made.

    Just one man’s preference, for what it is worth.

    • Andrey Bokhanko
  • @Andrey Bokhanko – thanks Andrey for your kind words and feedback. We’ll certainly take a look at other classic cloths that aren’t widely available. We’ll also look into the placement of the side adjusters – indeed we’ve had them on both the seam and waistband on our bespoke trousers but we’re always grateful to hear the preferences of our customers.

    • Natalino