The Natalino Collection

The Natalino Collection


Our streamlined menswear collection has been designed for men to dress in a casual yet refined way with emphasis placed on style and comfort whilst ensuring no compromises in quality nor detail. 

Drawing inspiration from the era of classic menswear  across Ivy League prep, old English aristocracy, classic Hollywood cinema, and 1950s Italian Riviera, the collection has been designed to be timeless yet relevant in the real world. This can be seen in the classic design and details of our clothes that combine with a more contemporary use of fabrics – classic spread collar shirting in denim or high-waisted pleated trousers in cotton, for example. The classic design and cut ensure the look is timeless whilst the use of casual fabrics results in a less stuffy feel.

Owing to the classic style of our clothes, the collection is intended to represent a continuous stock of products which does not cater to the constantly changing tastes of contemporary fast-fashion. We are able, therefore, to focus on creating quality, classic items at excellent value for money, and in a responsible way by eliminating the need to shift stock at the end of every season, thereby reducing our wastage.

Our aim is to periodically add new items to the collection with a season-appropriate approach, gradually expanding the offering but keeping it streamlined and limited to classic items – subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you are kept abreast of our updates and new releases.

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  • Very classic!

    • Sasiriporn Scott
  • Hello
    Nice little collection, very inspiring.
    I migh order something soon.
    And i hope your collection will grow with more types of fabrics on your great garments (especially the trousers and shirts. Somebody said blue, beige flannel ?… chambray shirting ?…)

    • Jean
  • @Sasiriporn Scott: thank you!

    @Jean: thanks for the kind words; we are in fact focusing on developing new trousers and shirting as we speak. Noted on your preferences!

    • Natalino